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About Us

Auto Jumble Marketplace by AoHE

Autojumble marketplace has been set-up for enthusiasts by the Association of Heritage Engineers. The AoHE #sustainableskillsnetwork is a not for profit organisation supporting heritage skills training, museums, apprentices, businesses and all those with a love of mobile heritage.

Funds raised from this site will help us do what we do, so thank you for supporting the cause of the UK's wonderful Heritage Assets.

Many of the amazing machines we love rely on pre-owned and recovered parts to keep going, our community is and has been at the forefront of recycling, re-using and  re-purposing for decades so lets do what we do best !

Please dismantle and dispose of parts and fluids responsibly.

AoHE individual members* will be upgraded to FREE feature adverts ,

Specialist company and Trade members have a permanent entry*

•with a valid membership


If you have had a vehicle or parts stolen, please post details as soon as you can to prevent them being sold on.